Sabtu, 01 Februari 2014

He moved to the Peñón del Cuervo tomorrow to commemorate the seventy-seventh anniversary of 'La Desbandá'

The hike, which recalls the flight of thousands of Malaga by the road collecting Almeria in a documentary of, will depart at ten o'clock in the morning from the plaza de La Merced

This new appointment with history starts at 10 a.m. in the morning. A March to the Raven rock with thousands of Malaga, which will depart at that time from the plaza de La Merced, is one of the events planned to commemorate the 77 birthday of "La Desbandá". A period of the history of Spain, referring to the flight on foot from a large number of citizens along the road from Almeria, after the capture of Malaga by the national in February 1937 side, in the middle of Civil War. Multimedia South held a special media documentary RIP: ' February 1937. Memory of a flight ', directed by journalist Elena Miguel and broadcast by Canal Málaga.

For second consecutive year the Junta de Andalucía, in collaboration with the Directorate-General for historical memory, historical memory associations and several groups organized, from yesterday until March, a series of activities to remind one of the bloodiest periods in the history of Spain. "We want to tell young people what happened so they are aware of a part of the history that is still not completely closed, but is still documenting, from the truth, justice and reparation," pointed out the delegate of the Andalusian Government, José Luis Ruiz Espejo.

Other activities

In addition to the March the rock of the Crow in the morning will have place activities to remember "La Desbandá". According to the CEO of the democratic memory, Luis Naranjo, is running the "Historical memory of the province of Malaga" exhibition in Almáchar; on 7 February will be an act of homage to the victims in Velez Malaga; on 9 February a floral offering in the Peñón del Cuervo; on February 13 the presentation of the book "fight time. Granada-Málaga: repression, resistance and guerilla 1939 - 1952 "; or 'Pants to the Moon' documentary on 27 February in Salobreña, among many other activities to be carried out also in other provinces such as Granada or Almeria.

Malaga was inaugurated a few weeks ago a memorial monument in the cemetery of San Rafael, changed the name of the Hospital Carlos Haya by the Regional Hospital of Malaga, and it is proposed to change the name of the street where the Center is.

Jesús Gámez, the player with the largest number of parties in the Málaga CF

The defence malaguista surpass, with 283 matches, the former player Vicente Valcarce, which held the record for official games with the blue and white elastic

Jesús Gámez Duarte has become the player with the largest number of parties in the Málaga cf. The defence malaguista has surpassed, with 283 matches, the former player Vicente Valcarce, which held the record for official games with the blue and white stretch until this Saturday. The Vice President Moayad Shatat, with the presence of Vicente Valcarce, have delivered to Jesús Gámez of a commemorative plaque before the start of the match between Malaga FC and Sevilla FC in the rose garden.

Player legend

Jesús Gámez started playing football in his hometown, the Fuengirola Sports Union team. In old Cadet came to Málaga Club de Fútbol. During its formative stage, achieving the title of champion of Spain with the Juvenile Division of honour, he stressed in a season to remember. In the season 2004/05, with Antonio Tapia debuts on the bench, in the second Division Malaga B (current Atlético Malagueño). A 2005 that will remain in the memory of the lateral malaguista, after dressing 'La Roja' in the Mediterranean Games, and his debut with the first team in the first Division, also at the hands of Tapia.

Gamez becomes a key player in the return of the team to first Division in the 2007/08 season and has established itself as one of the most important players of the entity. Your safety on defense and winning character, make it with the passing of the seasons, in an undisputed football player team. Bells 2011/12 and 2012/13 always remain in the memory of the Malaga player. During the first, again to be fundamental participation in the team so the Club dispute for the first time the UEFA Champions League. And last season, play at high level continental competition.

Spectacular comeback of the Malaga to sign up the Derby

It beat Sevilla in a final phase of the party in which the blue and white team returned to dazzle their fans

Malaga scored the Derby against Sevilla in a spectacular match in its final phase. The Schuster team showed a great attitude and ambition to trace clearly and solvency in a spectacular final minutes of a party that had been uphill. The rose garden returned to enjoy in a display of his team, in which that highlighted Amrabat and doubt, in addition to the whole work.

Schuster gave entrance to the newcomer Amrabat in the starting eleven, while Pablo Pérez left on the bench. Emery, on the other hand, not surprised with his team's entry, although with the chosen strategy: bet on a defense with five men, three central, trying to surprise with the sides.

The Derby started tight, with both teams very outstanding tactics ordered by their coaches. But at work in the middle of the field were still top the malaguistas, offering to the blue and white some control of the game and the party. But Sevilla, despite the defensive 'drawing' chosen by your technician, offers quality men that already at the beginning of the clash brought some danger to the goal of Knight, as it was an action where the Kings took advantage of a defensive indecision to stand up only against the malaguista goal, but goalkeeper returned to hit and the opportunity was in nothing.

Antunes and debutant Amrabat had two options to mark. The party was vibrant, despite the defensive precautions. The Malaga squeezed more and more with a solid Center field and a quick, concerted and vertical Amrabat, which brought more danger than ever in creating malaguista line. And in one of the actions of attack, doubt received the ball inside the area and was subject to penalty. And the College took a hand to Sevilla to not expel Coke, which already had a yellow. He forgave him, no doubt, and the visiting ensemble continued playing with eleven. The own doubt transformed the maximum penalty and put forward his team, which was doing merits to go ahead.

Joy malaguista, however, was annihilated at the beginning of the resumption, when Bacca departed only after several errors and beat Caballero. It was a hard blow for the Schuster team. And the worst was that the stalemate encouraged the Seville, it profited from Rakitic quality to stay ahead on the scoreboard. Fazio was the author of the goal.

But Malaga is not surrendered. Schuster opted for Pablo Pérez and El Hamdaoui in search of comeback. Then appeared the ambition and the blue and white attitude to find triumph. Amrabat became the greatest danger malaguista in a display of quality, work and sacrifice.

Soon came the tie thanks to a spectacular shot from Samu could do nothing to owe him Beto. And the Malaga tightened more and more, dominating and almost razing to the Seville. And reached the team malaguista with danger, but he had not overcome, until in a pass from Pablo Pérez the ball came to doubt, that fusiló the opposing goal. The rose garden was already a party. The public was identified again with his team, which won a vital match.